My Innocent Paradise - On Web

OK let me just explain, why I have added two words in the end " On Web" because I firmly believe in real world Paradise can on only be dreamt of. Getting back to tales from Paradise, well for me its really like a WonderLand ( so true just read that poem) .

No, these are not fictious but as Heena Kausher Ansari , says that Strange is the world…Strange is God and Strange are His ways..Strange are the people and so strange are their works…So if you are looking in this post to know the reason why I have created this blog…The reason is to find my place in so known yet strange world…

Well I was rather impressed by her, the way she has put her point across, its really pure or paak ( well I know many don't know what paak is, I too just googled it and found it means totally pure in Islam or Arabic language).

Stay Motivated

What is motivation? According to Oxford Dictionary, its a stimuli which causes the person to act. Now, what motivates you? Frankly speaking it can be anything, Steve Jobs to your mother.

And if you really don't have anything to motivate you then I have some free motivational resources to help you get motivated and stay motivated. From songs, videos to poems stories, everything will motivate you to conquer the world. So lastly I would like to caution you " Stay Motivated but not to harm others."
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Latest Hardware Updates

In one of my earlier posts I had discussed how technology keeps on evolving each moment. Hardware majors are the part of this rat race. From Intel to AMD, Apple to Microsoft, each company is trying to outdo other. They try to lure customers towards their products. But I think you all will agree that in this whole we, customers, have nothing to complain.

So for all techies and hardware followers, get all the Hardware Insight, and keep your pace in this ever competing tech environment. This blog is about Hardware Technology news, reviews and open discussion.
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Dead End For Your Problems

Facing any problem, no problem, I have the solution. Not really of all your problems, but definitely those related to finance, internet and type.

So if you have any of those sort of problems regarding finance Raphnexx has the solution.
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Now at Last Lot of Silvery Linings and Great Humor

United Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer Gor...Image via Wikipedia

Eddie, many of my regular followers know ( are there any, I doubt), has made me fan since his first post. He started with some of the, sort of, touching pieces, but of late he has been posting some of the funniest posts. And mind you he is not the one who behaves funny just for sake of it.

He never goes on the top, but just makes it so interesting that you fall for it. I don't know how many of visitors will read this post of mine but I am sure whosoever visits his blog will never feel cheated. And if, God Forbid, you feel that way blame Gordon Brown for it.
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Tips, Tools & Ideas for saving the planet while you save money

This may be only GREEN blog here, the one which I was missing on my proud collection. Well I am not going to educate you on ' why to conserve our resources?' or ' how to save earth?'. I know many of you will want to know but I just feel majority will just run away. So I will just give you a site where you will get all the Green info.

But if you are note interested in visiting it I have a good reason which will make you do so, S Engelmohr, its blogger also has few tips how you can save money by going Green. Just make some minor changes in your lifestyle and you will please environmentalists and your pocket in a single shot.
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Technology at its Best

Since centuries technology has fascinated people. If for early man fire was technology, for us few years back iPod was technology. But its an ever evolving world where a second is a light year.

Take this, till yesterday I was sobbing as my computer had crashed and I had lost all the data ( for more read my read my request in message boxes). And today as it is well I just got to the opportunity to read Tech Toggle. And I can just say its my good luck that its Author Bilal Bhatti also faced similar problem and was kind enough to give its solution on How To Recover Lost Data From Formatted Hard Disk?

And this is not all he has collection of many such articles for technology freaks. is all about technology updates, news, reviews, tips and tricks and lot more. You will get latest technology bites right at the click of your mouse.

Finally its upto you to visit him of not, but I am glad I visited his amazing Tech World.
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Ways To Earn From Internet

How can I earn from internet? What is Google Adsense? How to go for Forex Trading?
What is Online trading?
These are just some of the questions asked by every other person trying to earn bucks from internet. Add to these some common phrases :-

Work from home, make money from your Website, foreign exchange, stock exchange, trading, investment, join affiliate programs, seasonal jobs, get paid to take online surveys, get paid by reading email, get paid by surfing the Web, money making tutorials, earn revenue by placing ads on your Website, advertisement programs.

And you have a half of the google searches sorted out. But why search Google when this and more is available for you at CYBER $OLUTIONS. This is a place where you get best answers to all your questions regarding ways to earn from Internet, at the comfort of your home.
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Healthy You means Healthy World

Health is one of the most precious thing and also one of the most taken for granted aspect. My personal ( ie of a young girl) experiences suggest we tend to think of only about one thing when we discuss health, fat. "Oh, I gained a pound in a week, shit! Now I will diet for a week."

But what about other more serious diseases of heart, brain or that matter other vital body parts? They too need care from young age for great old age. So if you are really inspired, by my not so inspirational words, please exercise your index finger a bit to CLICK HERE.
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Ebooks World- Books for People

Since the advent of internet ebooks have gained a lot of popularity among net users. Ebooks are usually free or are damn cheap. So all you book worms ( OK is it harsh, lets make it book readers) a great treat is waiting for you at " Books for People".

"If you looking to get a new books for your job, hobby or just for pleasure - Books for people is the right place to start. Here you can find all the ebooks and information you may ever need." This is quote given by its blogger Arulraj, and I dared not to change it as I agree with him, his site has collection of some of the most seeked titles.
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Fractional Ownership Or Shared Ownership

A picture of a CS30 Yacht.Image via Wikipedia

A perfect thing at a perfect time, this was my first feeling when I read this site. OK, here is why I say so, although rich never thought of sharing their possessions till now, but what will they do now of their leisure assets such as second homes, yachts, cars etc. In today's dynamics its advisable to go for Fractional Ownership.

So if you want to Go for any such arrangement here is a perfect opportunity for you to learn its benefits and how to Do IT.
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Summer Internships and Interview Preparation Tips

Rejoice all engineering college students from India I have a gift for you. Tips and information you badly needed is here. College Placements are getting tough now a days and in these times you need all the help. And if that help is coming from an experienced person, it becomes a magic potion.

And thats not all our great blogger enjoys discussing current affairs and reviews books too. So I feel my Indian friends will be having great time reflecting their glorious careers ahead.
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Reflections - Endless Pursuits

Today I must admit is the day of Indians, 3 blogs all from India. Lets hope Slumdog wraps it in style, I personally liked it. Well come back from Oscars to my blog, I today really had a daunting task of reviewing these blogs, sorry bloggers I couldn't relate to them much.

In this blog too one of the best post (and may I add only post I and all of use can relate to) was Nightmarish 3 Days!!! I enjoyed it a lot especially my interest in Network Security added to my eagerness to read it. I hope you all will also enjoy it and never will face the situation our poor blogger had to face.
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Earning Opportunities for Indians

Although I have not much to write about this blog, what can I write about a blog which starts and ends for Indians only. No offense, I chatted with its author and he too was cool with my terming his blog so.

He promises that he provides Genuine Part-Time Work for Indians and also claims that its not usual get rich programs, which only promise and never deliver (I am not eligible to testify his claim).
So all "eligible" persons feel free to check his blog and hopefully this is Easy Way to Make Money ( and do leave your experiences as comments below).
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Cricket and India

A bowler bowling to a batsman. The paler strip...Image via Wikipedia

No matter where you are from one thing everyone knows "Cricket is Religion in India". Being British I know a bit about a game too, infact had a crush on Peterson awhile back.

Still I feel I lack the required knowledge of cricket. So only thing I can say about this blog is CRICKET LOVERS AND MY INDIAN PATRONS SAY CHEERS TO CRICKET.
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Doctor Kim ?

Health is Wealth so goes the proverb, but in today's world for most of us there is only one way either you earn or you spend your time to take care of your health. Where is the Time, damn it? When health worsens to extreme we decide to visit doc for magic potion.

I feel now in these difficult economic situation, only being doctor is the best profession ( all that stress related illness, et al). Now whether its good to be a doctor or not let me contemplate for sometime till then I feel you should visit your online Doc and feel free get in depth info about all common ailments. Should I be like him or is being offline Doc better, please give your suggestion? Remember I still have time to take decision which course to join.
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Citizen Journalism

Frankly speaking I didn't knew what Citizen Journalism is when this site was submitted here. So I decided to visit it and get acquainted with this new term. And as I went through it I started to feel it is something I always wanted (although I didn't knew the exact term).

I know all of us bloggers or general net users get excited discussing all fake or real celebrity news, politics, terror strikes, religion and what not. But what about our own life, our experiences which may or may not be so dramatic. We forget to share them, may be because they glitter less in front of broadcasted crap.

If you feel you have had enough and want space where you can report your personal experiences which matter and are real than I think I can help you provide a perfect platform, just for YOU.
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Are You Lazy ?

One of the funniest and a thought provoking blog I came across is from Wizard. His blog is a mixture of jokes and some really straight- forward thoughts which will make you think. He claims he is a thinker, poet and apprentice philosopher. But may I add he is not one of those philosopher or poet we have read about. He is modern and funny.

And Americans for you he has founded a new centrist party! Join it.
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Economic News

Since recession started there has been an exponential increase in blogs about economics. Well I too was thinking of throwing this blog in that category, but then thought lets see what new it provides.

Well after going through its post I realised it really has something different, I doesn't provide any solutions but it gives in-depth information of economics and way it is driven. In my book, knowledge of enemy (or adversity) is more important than to have ready-made plan. And thats why its a recommended read for all.
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Where is the Silver Lining ?

clouds with silver liningImage by Greensteps via Flickr

Another great post from Eddie Bluelights from Clouds and Silvery Linings. Well he is that ever optimistic person who can find something positive almost anything.

But after going through his latest post I felt sorry for him and all fellow Englishman, the situation they face can bring even a person like him to be left wondering "Where is the Silver Lining ?" As usual his writing just makes you to want more.

If you have not yet visited his blog than its time you do, you will never be disappointed with him, and he will show you Silver Lining in Clouds in all circumstances (except in this case).
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What Are You Searching?

Yes I am asking you " what are you searching?". Is it free music, games or some cool software which can change your everyday computer experience ?

No, I will not tell you to go to Google or Yahoo for what you want. I will present you a site which will give you all these and more. Its named "Wat's On the Web?" . And I am sure after going through it you will be left wondering "what more do I want?" because this site is one stop 'free' shop for everything you search on web.

From freewares to hidden stuff, this site has all. And let me assure you it will not disappoint you a bit, rather I will not be surprised if you make it your homepage or bookmark it.
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Tips For Setting Small Business Websites

All of you who are planning to have a website for your Small Enterprise, I feel you can take a little time to have a look at this Michael Regan presentation. I am sure you will feel time well spent (may I add money well saved ! ).

He will not take you to Dream World, but will get you a perfect site which will generate more leads and get sales. His information will guide you to improve your existing site as well. And mind you he has no secret formulas, just helps you to get your basics right .
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Tips for Earning Online

Things you see in common with such sites is 'Tall Claims that You will Get Rich Over-night'. Here I feel Mr.Nandkishor Kisanrao Mule has done a wonderful work. No tall claims, no false promises, just straight talk.

He just gives you things you should and shouldn't do in a simple way.
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Does Physics gives you Goose bumps ?

Isaac Newton (Bolton, Sarah K. Famous Men of S...Image via Wikipedia

Well, you are not alone if thats the case ! I too fear this subject alot and I don't remember a night when I would slept before my Physics exams. Even now just before my Physics exams I spend sleepless nights. I always curse that legendary APPLE.

Now may be I should start taking lessons from Anis, because he seems to be only teacher who can get me good grades in this dreaded subject. If you want, you all too can join me, but I have a request to all please don't bring any apples in his class ( You never know he may also start talking like Newton in its presence).
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Now Thats Technology For You

Enough of sites reporting all unwanted, baseless tech news, here we have a blog by Faraz Haider providing news and developments of Technology world which matter to you. No crazy stuff, all articles are related to information which you can relate to. Things you should be waiting for in near future, because they will change the way you lead your life.

So just go ahead know what future has to offer you.
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Recession :- Don't Worry

This is not exactly meant for regular bloggers but for all those "Economic Doomsayers".Although, Adam Arthur, says he is "no economist" but the way he has dealt the topics,can shame those real " economists".

If you are the one fearing or facing hard time this is a good read, because it really helps soothe those nerves. His arguments will help you see the opportunities you thought never existed and will give new dimension to your thinking. Adam I must say has done a wonderful work.
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Online Income Opportunities

I know many of you would say, "Kim, give us a break. We had have enough of 'these opportunities'. " Yes I too agree with you but believe me this blog is not the one luring you to any affliate program or any of such type.
The thing which differentiates this blog from others is its simple step to step method of explaining by an experienced guy. He never asks you to join any program but he tries to help you by using existing resources well. You don't need anything more than what you have but you just need to use your resources smartly to achieve your goal.

I found his blog personally very informative and easy to follow, may be you too will have same feeling after going through it.

Journals of a Dialysis Patient

Now all the fun part needs to end here, this blog is if I remember correctly is second ( after Overcoming Schizophrenia) of its type here. This one is inspirational and informative at the same time. Many of us suffer from various health -related complications, but do any of us feel a moral responsibility of educating others about it.

I salute and honor the author of this blog because of his/her endeavour to educate all of use about Kidney-related diseases. And the best thing about the blog is a personal touch which it has cannot be matched with Wikipedia or any other site.

At last I would like to wish the author A Long Life.
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A Wall for All

OK first things first though its author terms it a "Social Networking site" but I differ in my opinion. No this is not to say that his site is bad but I would say his site is innovative to the hilt.

A simple description of his site is " A site for everyone". Now let me tell you whats the basis behind this claim. Everyone of us have feelings which range from love to hate. Our dear author has provided you a free and comfortable "Blue Square" to express your feelings. I know you all might be bit confused about what I am talking of ? But I can only say in this case that "seeing is believing".
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The Nothing Report- A True Report

Sheer enjoyment and provocation that I felt during and after reading this blog is hard to compare. First of all let me say there is " Nothing" in this blog at the same time there is everything.
Confused! Thats exactly I feel while writing this.

Beau Horner, its writer, has written about everything you think is Hot now a days, but the difference is the way he has presented it and his take on these topics. I can't say more about this one because..............
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Music World : Music album review

First a confession, from my side I am a big zero as far as Music goes. So you can understand I can't do justice to this Music Gallery Blog. So please accept my short and humble post about this blog and if you are music lover than pardon me and take a look yourself.

From what I got it this blog is the collection of albums and songs in them. And added along is a short description of its lead singer.
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Latest Film Review from Metal

This is second "movie review" blog here. And I am happy that they both cater different category (otherwise it would have been an headache to write anything about this one).

This blog is new and has an air of freshness about it. The best part about it was some behind the scenes info provide by Movie Reviewer. So just just start following this blog for daily movie reviews and some spicy action behind them.
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My life - the highs, the lows & everything in between

Sorry guys this is not my personal blog, but a blog of a beautiful young girl from Australia. The best thing you ( including me) would like about her blog is her 'devil-may-care attitude'. She has expresses her feeling truly and holds nothing for herself. She is one of those who you like to have as a friend.

I can't comment more on her blog because its her personal space which can't be breached by me or anyone else, until you know her well ( which will take me awhile, just got hold of her url).
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Modern Masterpieces

Taipei Neihu Science and Technology ParkImage by *Yueh-Hua 2009 via Flickr

For all lovers of modern science and technology, Here I present you an ultimate gift, a blog just for you.

Let me just introduce you a bit about this blog before you decide to visit it and forget me and my humble blog. Will you ever term a water bottle "luxurious" and "gadget" ?
What would you say about a proverbial "Glass House" in reality? Go away from this blog and find your answers, but please don't forget my blog in the glitter of modern times.
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Anything, Everything - Future Perfect

Although its not good title, but I had hard time thinking what title would suite best for a blog which covers everything. Well its writer claims he covers everything from blogging tips to killer dating tips. I didn't personally went through more than 3 pages (but what you expect me to read a whole encyclopedia just to write a short para ! ).

I can't elaborate each and everything that guy says but I can just talk about what a regular readers, like me, would like most about his blog, Personal Experiences.

Let me take the case of his latest post, as I was reading it I thought is someone telling me my own auto-biography, such was the similarity. If you go through that post and feel any sympathy for the writer than do share those feeling with me too because its the same thing I would have written if I were to write a post on my life.

In short, expect quality and variety from this blog :)
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Lost And Found a Grand Case

No, not another " Lost and Found" tale, please was my reaction when Eddie posted his blog. I was just going through the motions of reading the submitted blog, but after reading a para or two I just got so engrossed that when I completed reading it all I was left asking for more.

He writes about his adventures while researching his family tree. And his journey has everything emotions, drama, Church (it has to be there) and finally an email attachment. Pardon me I can't disclose about whole tale, not because I want you to forcefully go to his blog, but because if you read it yourself you will better enjoy it.

But one thing I would like to remark that in the end you will feel the change which has taken place since 1905 to 2009. Especially change in Church's perspective and IT.
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Google Adsense and You

There are many myths about Google Adsense and about Blogging in general. I too was not sure whether Wordpress or Blogger is best suited for me. Although I when with Blogger but still I had my doubts, until Gideon Bankole came to my rescue with his blog.

From Adsense to Successful Blogging he has tried to cover some important topics for newbies in his blog "Make Money with Google AdSense".
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Loose Weight in 3 Steps Flat

An obsession for many or just New Year Resolution to others, Weight Lose is and probably would remain the hottest topic for blogs, newspapers, etc.

Here is one more addition to growing list of Blogs, but this one seems to be good because writer has given reasons too why should you follow the steps and how they will influence your body. So go ahead Loose weight in 3 Steps and do comment about your experience.
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Ageless Maturity

Its said "seeing is believing" but what would you say after reading these lines.

So this isn’t the end. Is it?
Alas! I wasted my time,
I wish I had lived twice.

So this is the end. Isn’t it?
Nice to know it is so calm,
I wish I had died twice.

From what you saw or felt from these line, well I feel you would say these are the lines of the dying person or an old man. No, the writer of these lines is neither a dying man (I wish he lives 100 years) nor is he old. He is a chivalrous 18 years old "student". This "poet in making" has a good collection of short stories too.

But reading through his blog " Frozen Well" i still doubt is he really 18 or he faced some unusual circumstances which brought so much maturity to his writings. You too take a look at some of this mature stuff.
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Online Coupons for you!

There is happy news for all of you, in these hard economic times, Shopping Coupons.
Wow! I think you all must grab this opportunity to save some bucks along with these Online Coupons being given out by my friend,Diane Joseph.
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Naughty at Forty

Who says life stops after 40, if you are the one who thinks so than you badly need to visit Pax Angelicus because she has the power to change your perspective within seconds. Although not forty yet, by any means, I enjoyed her posts the way a teenager enjoys her dad trying Facebook. No offence, but thats the first thought which came to my mind when I just read her blogs Title. After that "Oh !" I was ashamed to underestimate her.

Now let me ask you does your building has "BASEMENT 4" ? If, not, than you are missing a great place. And if you don't know what I am talking you are looking at wrong place because I can't tell you go check-out Click Here.
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For Everything Under The Sun

Ever heard of Power Blogging. To tell you the truth I too never heard it before but am glad to hear it. Its a blog which takes-up every thing you can think of, yet does justice to every issue.

From our old Dubya's funny mistakes to some really serious ones. Every topic is enlightening as well as funny.
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Go Watch A Movie. Brighten-up Your Evening.

If I ask you what would you do to relax on weekend ? I am sure you would say " planning to catch the latest release". Here I think this blog comes into play because it will help you choose the right movie for the perfect weekend.

On last count it had 50 movies listed, some of them are to be released and some have just been. So go ahead read it and make right choices for the perfect weekend with.............
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"Variety is the Spice of Life"

I was thinking of changing its title but after going through the blog just couldn't think of any alternative. After all "Variety is the Spice of Life" and you or for that matter anybody here can't change this fact.

So for all those who really like to add spice-up there life, you know your destination. I am sure Jon its author will add something good to your life through his blog.
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Lucky Color (colour) for you

Know your lucky color just by telling your date of birth date! Yes its true now you would never have to visit astrologer again just wear the suggested colors or just be cautious. At the end its all about Numbers dude.
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The Otherside of Glitter

This is the topic which is tormenting every developing nation. At one hand we have skyscrapers while on other hand we have poverty. Is this the cost of modernity or is this the result of mindless policies? Why is there Day and Night difference in lives of citizens from the same country?

These burning issue and other related issues need to addressed as much as current economic situation. I am sure we seldom come across the view from 'other' side. Every responsible person should read those views also before making any policy (which I fear is hardly the case).
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An Apology From Kim

I am extremely sorry for not updating my blog from ' 27th March'. But for my freaky accident, I wouldn't have given you any reason to complain. With a fractured legs and bandaged hands I hardly got to touch my PC, leave alone writing a review.
Still with one movable hand I am back to get rid of boredom (that had just stressed me further) and to try to get things back in place like they were before "My Highway to Hospital Bed".

I thank all of you who submitted your blogs during this time and I humble request you to please bear with me. I will gradually try to go through as many blogs as possible and review them. Lastly my Doc says I will be back to my feet within a month or two (well is he a doc or an astrologer ? Take your pick ).

Your online friend Kim

Due to long drawn recovery process and studies I wasn't able to devote much time to reviewing blogs. Sorry for it, may I request you to rather submit your blog to Free Advertising website which I made keep in mind that its a sort of semi-automatic and would require less time from me. Thanks Kim