A Life of a Mom : A Personal Blog

Its a challenge to review personal blogs, where people talk about their life, as I get to test my ability to judge people. I just try to go through as many posts as possible to be able to make up my mind about the blogger. Its the challenge which I relish a lot.

Lets evaluate a statement left by blogger in question: " http://jogasaurus.i.ph and http://thisisitwhoa.i.ph are the blogs of a mom, a wife, a chemical engineer, a copy editor, a frustrated housemaker, a daughter, a sister, a friend, and everything else in between."

After going through the blog I too thought she is right what she has said but two things I couldn't understand; I don't think she is "a frustrated housemaker". How can someone be frustrated if she has so cute babies ? If its their parenting which makes her 'frustrated' I think she too will remember these days with affection after few years. Second thing I sort of disliked (though its a matter of personal choice) is that posts are few and gap between two is massive in some cases.

Now enough of being rude, I liked her personality a lot, especially her thoughts about friendship, being on the same boat myself. Like her, I too have very few offline friends, and feel few is better, until those few are trust-worthy.

At last I really feel that if we knew each-other offline we would have been a great friend, lol, thats not a case, so its good atleast I know her now. I am ready to wait for months for her next post. :)
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Practical Blogger : Katie Rhoda

I have reviewed nearly 110 blogs till now, and I can say with some confidence that I have gone through nearly all type of blogs. Still my apetite for more is not lost because once in a while I get blogs, which make me feel that their is more than what I have experienced.

"http://katierhoda.wordpress.com/ - Its not mine but i love it" these are the words which were left by some anonymous person in my submission section. I had decided to dismiss it as I usually take blogs submitted by bloggers themselves. But just for curiosity sake I visited this blog and came out with a new perspective about life.

Well I am not a philosophy major, like Katie Rhoda, but I too have a views about life. That one fact made me appreciate the practicality of Katie, on matters which affect all of use in subtle way.

All the posts on the blog made me decide to relax the rule and review it not as a kind gesture but as a fan and I am not her only fan, the person who left the blog in submission section is also the one.
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Light Graffiti

Time for me to appreciate technology and creativity of people. I can say much about this one when it can be said that "seeing is believing".

I will just give you title of this site for you to decide what to expect :- Mark The Dark - a place for light graffiti artists to share and discuss.
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Photo Blog: Great pictures of Borneo

I categorize Photo Blogs into two:- Fantasy Photo Blogs and Non-Fantasy Photo Blogs. First type has pics which seem like wallpapers , too good to be real. Second ones are those which show cruel reality of life.

So in a way it was a great to come across a Photo Blog which has best of both the worlds. RWS Photo Blog - has pics which are real and at the same time things which look good to be used as wallpaper.

My favorite were the ones on Padi harvesting and Young padi with water droplets. A treat for those looking for good natural Photo Blog.
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Cinema, Literature, Music : Da Couch Tomato

I am sure you have heard about couch potato, here is presenting you Da Couch Tomato. This blog is written by three bloggers :- Sting Lacson, Mayn Man and Claire. They all review movies, music albums, books, etc.

Within a week I have got the second blog which reviews stuff. After E_M_Y, these bloggers have made me their fan. Their profile is as interesting as their reviews. But I have a complaint though I haven't seen, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, still giving any movie 10/10 is something I haven't heard of (or may be I should watch it before judging it).
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Indonesia Elections 2009

First of all I would like to thank its blogger to give me a background about Indonesian Elections so I was saved from the labor to google it and read Wikipedia (and others) before writing this. For others here is a description which will help you understand Indonesia's politics.

" Indonesia Election 2009 Legislative elections for the 128 seats of the Regional Representatives Council and 560 seats of the People's Representative Council will be held in Indonesia on 9 April 2009."

With this in mind you can connect with buzz going around in the most populous Muslim nation in the world.
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Funny Quotes: Heard it in Vegas

Laughter by tickling
Ha! ha! yes I am laughing, why? Just read a funny quote from Vegas. Sample this:

If only I were younger

Elderly man talking to cashier:
Young lady, If only I were about 40 years younger, I would be chasing you all over town.

Cashier (giggling then whispered to the man):
Thank you sir, but I am a lesbian.

Now I think you know what to expect from this site, laughter and then a jaw ache.
Verdict : Total Entertainment package. Enjoy Vegas Funny Quotes.

Ever Heard a Sad Story of A software ??? Read Grievances of Software

Ways to Work on Web and Earn

First up you will get a lot of free stuff on this site as a sample to test; and its tempting. Rest can be phrased as "Make Money Online... One Way or Another." Blogging tips are cool, with language suited for everyone from amateur to professional.

Finally I would like to quote its publisher on his site, "Get Free Samples, Magazines, Redbox Free Rental Codes, Learn how to blog for money, build websites, and many other ways to work the web to your advantage. "

Go ahead even if you are not looking blogging tips because freebies are hard to resist.
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Funny Blog: Public Static

Two things that struck me first-up were the name of this blog Public Static and the year it was started. I had just returned from my Java class and read the name Public Static (and I completed void main() in my mind). That was a good start and then I saw that this blog's first post was way back in 1999 (are blogs that old concept ? ).

After initial shock and surprise, was the time for me to take a ride full of laughter and smiles. Some of the posts are inviting and suggestive but they are playing with average net-user's psyche. So if you are disappointed on not getting what the title of post suggests than don't get angry because after reading the post you will be laughing at yourself. I too was fooled by him, because going by CAUTION :- NO ADULT SITES WILL BE ENTERTAINED HERE. I checked a link which violated the rule, and I was glad it didn't, rather it had me laughing.

Highly recommended blog to beat stress.
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Science and Technology News and Views

It was fun reading the posts on Arie Wijaya. The way science and life have been related makes one think about life in all together different perspective.

The masterpiece was the Serious action on global warming might not happen ? it had something which you can term satire, irony, truth whatever you like but you will appreciate it.

Also present are views on Scitech items which we hardly hear about but are going to change our life in near future. Finally I would like to step away from my protocol to endorse this blog as one of the best in its category.
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Natural Way to Treat Diseases

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away" so goes the old saying, but what about diseases like asthma. With every new discovery in medical field a disease is tamed, but what about the side-effects of these. No, I am not against medicines, and research in this sector, but I personally feel as far as possible getting well naturally is better option.

Well here are some tips and steps to remain hale and hearty naturally without drugs and doctor.
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Jobs, Career And Interview Tips For Success

Now here is a blog which needs to be one everyone's blog-list especially for students like me. Interviews are something I am terrified of and the fact that within couple of years I will be facing the dreaded Monster gives me goose-bumps.

Here I feel "10 CAREER KILLERS TO AVOID" will help me soothe my nerves and lay foundation to a successful career for me.
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Ways to Earn From Internet

Another blog, on ways to earn online with less or no investment. Frankly speaking I am not bored by such blogs because each of them gives me atleast one fact which is new, and its always great to learn something new.

Still, if someone asks me one niche which every blogger explores (and writes about), then my answer will be "How to Earn online? " This blog is no different but as I said you get to learn something new with every blog or site, so just go ahead may be you will get to know what you wanted to know?

Topics here deal with Google Adsense, Youtube Advertising, Earning by taking Surveys and lots more.
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Free Online Greeting Cards : E-cards

Well I still fondly remember days when as a kid I would wait for my Birthday and Christmas, days when I used to receive handful of greeting cards. I used to collect them with great joy.

But as years passed numbers declined and now I 'proudly' acknowledge I received 2 cards this Christmas and 20 e-cards. I admit e-cards are free, and can be personalized by all yet they are still electronic cards (where will you save them; pen drive, C:\, D:\, but never in your closet).

Enough of living in past when present is staring in your face, frankly speaking who can sail against the stream for long. Not me. Now I also send greeting cards online to friends and even those who I hardly know. If you have not yet joined the bandwagon here is a place where you can start your 'sail with the stream'.
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Movie, Songs, Websites Review & a Story

Now I will tell you a story "Irony". Two bored souls who have nothing to do , decide to review things which come their way. One starts to review blogs and sites, other reviews everything under the sun. One day second person, stumbles on first's blog and submits his site. Now the first one wants to review his site and at the same time wants proclaim her excitement of meeting her fellow blogger in the same niche.

Now here is what she does, she writes something which you are reading now. Yes this is the tale of me and E_M_Y. Well he also reviews things like I do, and may I add his style is far more better than mine and seems to be professional. At the same time you feel his reviews are straight from heart.

So besides submitting your great sites here you can do the same at http://emyreview.blogspot.com/.
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Free listen latest songs and musical hits Online

Now there is a difference in this blog and the one I have reviewed just before this. And mind you both of them are great in their own sense.

Nazaa Hitz doesn't allow you to download the music, but will provide you with every hit you order to listen online. You just need to make request your favorite song on the forum and and it will be made available to you to enjoy. This concept I am sure will make every music-lover crazy.

So if you are not really a download buddy and enjoy streaming music here is the site which should be in your favorites folder right away. Its already there in mine, Whats up with you?
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Free Music, Games, Movies Download

Downloading latest music, movies, albums, videos, animes ,softwares was never such such a fun as with Free Music Download Zone.

I personally admit that downloading multimedia files for free is my favorite past-time. Free because before you download and experience music or have watched movie investing even a cent is waste. And after you have downloaded it for free than whats the use of spending even if its good lol.
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Latest Forex Trading News and Help: Forex Trading Guide

Forex trading has become a profitable alternative to stocks and mutual funds inspite of the Global Financial Crisis and the Recession. I a not a financial guru or something but number of economists all round are banking on this, and are recommending investors to actively take part in Foreign Exchange market.

One of the basic thing I have noticed in last few months is the way Dollar's value has been on roller-coaster ride. If I would have invested on it may be I would have gained a lot,( or lost all). But I didn't because I lacked required knowledge about the Forex Trading.

For all of you thinking of taking the plunge I recommend you to read a bit before investing your hard earned money. Remember though its a 24 hour automated business but it has its own risks. Forex Trading Guide.
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Poems of Life

Well exactly speaking this blog is not only about poems, but also has short stories and series of tales which can shame even a Booker prize winner. Articles are short but they have the depth of ocean. Simple things about life have been portrayed beautifully and make you say, "And from the darkness cometh the light".

Yes I admit posts are not really meant for everyone and have a tinge of sexuality related to them, but as they say its all within the limits of Creative freedom which artist enjoys.

At the same time the series of stories on the blog are the ones which will make you impatient about next instalment, such is the gravity of writing you can expect from Nobela Sa Dilim.
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Ishan's Inbox

All of us, receive a good number of e-mails everyday, but some of those mails from our friends make us laugh. I too receive mails of such nature (besides spams).

Talking about Ishan's Inbox, well less I say better it is because I don't want to give-out the surprise element associated with his mails. But I will assure you after going through his Inbox you will start to envy him, because I am sure many of us don't have friends similar to his. But don't be disappointed why don't you go and befriend him?

Lastly, all the voyeuristic hackers you don't need to hack Ishan's e-mail id, he is sharing his inbox with everyone.
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How to make money from a blog or site ?

What is Search Engine Optimization or SEO? How to use rss feeds to increase readership ? Whats the niche of my site? These many more questions intrigue every new blogger or publisher. And answers are many, which sometimes confuse him more.
I too am blogger (fairly new one), I too am searching for responses for my queries, and I admit more I read about these things better I become. Secret of Making Money online is not really a secret but its all about getting your basics right. Some things which everyone knows but forgets to implement. In our quest to increase traffic to our blog we forget Google is the only real provider of needed readers and SEO plays a great role in that quest.

For all those experienced bloggers and some newbies, here is something to which will provide you an opportunity to get your basics write. I hope you too will enjoy (and appreciate) these secrets as much as I did.
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Youtube video group - Mjzba Crew

A little bit of trivia to start with, Youtube has opened doors for everyone to share there talent and stuff through videos. A number of v-loggers and bands have used Youtube to their advantage, not that its bad, on the other hand we really get some awesome videos to enjoy.

Here is a crew of rocking individuals which make videos for your home viewing pleasure. MJZBA crew. From Games , music to Question of the week, a lot of cool stuff is their for you to check-out.
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Alone in the Home - Blog with the difference

I wouldn't like to get into debate whether a personal blog should have ads or not, because in a way I too am 'guilty' of having ads (a lot of them). Also I feel its the matter of personal choice.

Coming back to "Alone in the home" its a personal blog with ads (fewer than mine, lol ). One thing that struck me first-up when I started going through the posts was the way blogger was effortlessly sort of conversing with his readers. And better still he is getting responses (comments) from them. I too try to the same but what I get is a thanks, or two as comment. I agree mine is not really meant for discussion but still...

I can just envy such great bloggers, and praise his true followers. He writes about everything and anything in his unique way. One more fact which I appreciated about the blogger was the way he has been able to manage studies and blogging. I have been trying to manage these two for a month with disastrous results ( my grades are steady but enjoyment of blogging is getting hit).

Lastly I would like to say if you are a follower or going to be follower of Aloneinhome.com please tickle down some comments to my blog as well once in a while. Best of wishes "alone" keep it up, so that I can envy you for the rest of my life. Also I am categorizing your blog in "Adventure" because it was an adventure for me to visit your blog.
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Latest News from around the World

I am not in write mood to review this blog. Reason? This one has something which I was planning to have in my new blog. Gosh! But at the same time I have to be a professional enough to take disappointment in my stride, so here is my analysis (with a bitter taste in mouth).

Why do you visit news network site? For news and independent analysis and remain in touch with world. But there are hell of ads and pop-ups and sometime infinite number of refreshes to open a web-page. Here is solution to your problems and at the same time something which will let you remain abreast with the world.

So just visit http://firstworldnewsreporter.blogspot.com/ for all the news and views or rather subscribe to this blog's rss feeds.

In the end, sorry I am not being a professional I should be, but I am not being able to write something which can justify this blog knowing that my dreams have been shattered.

From Online Degree to Online Business

Yes now I know the expression on your face, and thought in your mind, Kim get over this we know all this. Yeah, thats the feeling which I get whenever I see blogs pertaining to Online Business, or sort. So I have decided not to talk about Online business part and rather concentrate on Online Education and Getting the Degree online part.

Well some of you might have known (I mean some) I have been searching for good recognized colleges for online degree for last fortnight or so. Here this blog touched the cord of my heart, its said "info in need is the info indeed". Who said it ? Me of course, sorry bad sense of humour :( .

Now if you need any information about Online Degree or Online Business, make a visit.
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Starting an Online Business? Read this before you venture out

Well at present nearly every company worth its name has a site, and nearly half of the net-user has a blog against his/her name. Well internet has a lot of potential for everyone to flourish but at the same time it has many pits where you can fall.

Starting an Online Business is easy but requires certain skills and guidance before you take a plunge in it. If you are looking for professional sites programming and web developing will be crucial for you. And for all the sites and businesses understanding your demand area and target audience is, I would say, a million dollar question. You can aspect youngsters to by botox. At the same time don't expect pensioners to by a trendy ipod.

So if you want to be the Master on web subscribe to King of web.
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Vyazz Sez

Its something which just hit me when I was going through this personal blog of Vyas Vishwanathan, all the young crowd between 20-25 around the world think alike on some current issues. Whether its terrorism or life as a whole. Its not the first time I will be writing that I felt as if its my personal blog, but such is the way we youngsters feel. We all share common feelings about religion and terrorism, we all want to Run Away from the place we are.

Well I know elders, will dismiss these thoughts as immature but I beg to differ. We know what we mean and at the same time we know our responsibilities. But we are living in times greatly different from what were about 20-30 years ago.

Now coming back to Vyazz Sez ( otherwise he will accuse me of being a self-centric), about this blog I can say its highly recommended for every young guy and gal on this earth who is responsible and is mature enough. Nothing more , nothing less.
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Medical Intuition and Channeling Regression : its all up there

Its said mind controls man, but what if that control needs an over-oiling. We think a lot and about everything, but what about some feelings which are strange, and have no basis at all.

Intuition, Oxford Dictionary states, means immediate apprehension by mind or by sense, receive knowledge by perception. Yes we all have intuitions but we are not able to decipher what is meant by them or are they just a 'wrong thought at wrong place at wrong time'. When such situation arises its better to take a professional help.

Lori Wilson ( www.inneraccess101.com ) has been one of the foremost pioneers in this field and always for your help just contact her for guidance and Counseling. And have 'right thoughts at right place at right time'.

Leslie Blanchard- An American Liberal

Well another blog on Citizen Journalism but with a difference. I always felt whats the outcome of the political discussions we have in private with friends and relatives. We share many important aspects, and some conspiracy theories, but these discussions end with the feeling how can we change the setup? And there ends the discussion with ones inabilty coming to fore.

Here I feel people like Leslie Blanchard and many other bloggers come into picture. They blog about what we always wanted people to know and things we feared to say in public.

The feeling of empowerment I felt after reading "THE PROGRESSIVE PATRIOT" was unmatched. In today's world stricken by economic crisis and wars these blogs and sites provide a get-away from those biased News networks and print media.

Whether you are an American or not, Leslie Blanchard's words and posts are for every responsible person on this earth.
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Food Recipes - Italian, German, Chinese, Arab,etc

Well this is the second blog related to food and food recipes I am reviewing here and both have helped me personally in my endevour to cook well.

This one is bit different in a way that far from being personal blog its more of a guide to become better cook and different cuisines all over the world. Along with some intriguing data also available are the download links to some of the Greatest e-books related to food recipes.

So, if you are really looking to be a good cook or wanna take your cooking to new heights Food and Recipe is the place you should be.
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Chinese, Japanese and Korean Celebrities

There is lot to Chinese, Korean and Japanese movies and serials than martial arts and Ghost tales ( and Dragons, ofcourse). I remember a Korean tele-serial "Jewel in the Palace" was one of my favorite soap on Idiot Box. It was the first Asian soap or film I watched and it had an everlasting impression on my mind. In fact I wanted to make a blog on it, I am sure everyone would love the series a lot.

That apart I admit I haven't seen many of Asianic treats. But for many of the fans of these great tales and films I have a treat for you. Click Here and enjoy Oriental series.
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Food Recipes for You

Food a need. Well yes food is need but what if you have recipes which will just make your gastric juices go wild. Here is a blog for budding cooks to expert chefs, and me a worst cook!

From Italian to Japanese, from Persian to Mexican, food from around the world find their place here. Sorry,I have nothing to add my mom is calling me to cook (God bless my family tonight).
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A Personal Blog

This was one of the toughest blog to review for me because its a personal blog, LOL.
Thats the difficulty with personal blogs you can't categorize them, at the same time they make a good read.

Abhinesh Blog, is one such blog which literally opens the door to Abhinesh Life. Here you will see his new laptop HP Pavilion DV6767TX being reviewed, his Nokia 7210 Supernova and many more things. I know you are smiling reading this statement but as I have said its a Personal Blog so enjoy.
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Indian Competitive Exams, Schedules, etc

Before starting writing about this blog I would like to request every blogger who submits his/her blog here to please specify about things which are meant exclusively for a particular country Eg. this blog is meant for students in India, and helps them about schedules and other important details about exams like IIT, AIIMS, AIEEE, etc, but how am I supposed to know about these exams?

Now, sorry Dr Akbar khan, for writing these things before reviewing your a greatly informative site, but its just that I was quite annoyed about such submissions. Well coming back to his blog its highly recommended to all students from India. He not only gives information about schedules, but also tries to advice students to the best of his ability (just use a wonderful Chat box).

I am sure you life will be Made Easy by Dr Akbar khan.
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Make Money Online With No Investment

Internet offers many opportunities to earn online for everyone and many of these programs are free and better some of them give a sign-up bonus (Wow!). You are paid through paypal. And best thing is you need not have to know any HTML or such language; neither is the need to have a website.

Just join any of the program and get ready for your own home-based business. Also includes payment proofs.
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Residential Properties and Jobs in India

India or England, every one is searching for jobs and real estate all over the world. It may sound absurd but in these times of recession, number property seekers has just increased. Decrement in interest rates all over the world has resulted in plunging loan rates. Two days back Bank of England decreased the rate to 0.5% !!!!!!!!?

Jobs search is also gaining momentum by the day. So if you are the one searching for any of them and you are an Indian then here is a place where your search will end and a new road will start.
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Some Inspiration and Lots of Motivation

“Happiness does not consist in pastimes and amusements but in virtuous activities.” this statement really is a summary what you expect from MakeYourOwnChange.com. Yes I admit at times its good to be confident, but never become so confident that it becomes your undoing.

"MakeYourOwnChange.com is about changing and upgrading your life, and therefore improving not only yourself but the world around you. Blunt, sarcastic, yet useful and uplifting posts challenge you to be a better you." by Anne, its blogger, and a great motivator.

A motivation you get through the posts is realistic and makes you realise what can be achieved . And best thing is success you will get through following the advice from Anne will last longer and will bring you inner satisfaction you always longed for.

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Sikkim: A beautiful Himalayan state in India

One, often forgotten, advantage of blogging is that one gets to see some exotic places which we never knew ever existed. Sikkim is one such place in India. Its the place which inspires, Shital Pradhan, to write his blog and he writes average more than one post a day. Now thats what is called truely inspirational.

I just googled "Sikkim" and the images which showed up really made me sit-up in awe. No wonder it the state recieves high percentage of tourism visiting India. And this blog is Encyclopedia (or Wikipedia) of Sikkim. A perfect blog on one's homeland, a place which we all love, but often forget to give its due.
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Free Advertise your website, Rss feeds : World Blog Archive

To earn money online you have to market your blog or website well. And for that you don't need to pay anyone, you just need to be street-smart.

Free Rss Feeds Marketing: World Blog Archive

Rss feeds play a major role in getting required readers and traffic to your blog. Well its very difficult to have your blog or website on top of the search engines. You need to be very good at Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques in order to achieve high ranking on major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Msn. And I tell you SEO tips are many but executing them is damn difficult for regular bloggers.

Here comes the rss feeds Directories into play. They are, may I say, your best bet in order to achieve good traffic and eventually earn online. These directories are mostly free and provide hassle-free submission.


Its one of the best free rss archive online made by a fellow blogger, Greg (greg@worldblogarchive.com) , to help everyone achieve their goal of high readership and traffic. Automated updates , simple user friendly layout and submission, make it stand apart from other directories. And if you have any problems Greg is always happy to help you, so in a way this is not an automated robotic site but a site with a human touch and feel.

So what are you waiting for submit your feeds, on WorldBlogArchive.com, for free and get ready for flood of readers [ just make sure your server doesn't crash!!! :) ]
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How to make money marketing to Canadian Football: Reality Check

Here is something for everyone, from all those searching for tips on how to earn millions online to recession hit bankers. Something which every person needs when going gets tough a REALITY CHECK. Yes something which makes you look deep inside yourself.

Here you will find things which will show you truth in bright sunlight. Collection of some hard-hitting facts which will make you realize success comes with perseverance, success comes with quality stuff and success comes with time.

Mind you not everything is pessimistic down there its just that sometimes being pessimistic is Holy Grail to happiness.
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Celebrity News, trailers, rumours, and lots more...........

Robert PattinsonImage by IBWK via Flickr

What is it about movie stars, pop singers and others of showbiz that fasinates us most? Is it their on screen roles that inspires us? These questions keep of kicking me whenever I hear rumours about these "stars on earth", latest was Twilight Star, Robert Pattinson died !!!!! Wow another rumour.

Also one thing I like most about movies are its trailers. No matter how bad a movie is their trailers are great. Here is a blog for all 'Information you need right here right now!'
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Digital World

The thing about Technology is that every blog based on it is different. Its highly impossible for one blogger to catch every digital innovation in their blog. Thats the beauty and difficulty of being tech-blogger.

So coming back to blog in question, Digitalized Fun, well have you heard of NANO computer? Well after Nano car (yes, the $2500 wonder) here is Nano computer for $10!!!!!!!!. Even on show is A Glimpse of Future with MICROSOFT and lots more. What are you waiting for go ahead future is bright for all gadget lovers?
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Awesome Duo

Well they are two of the best bloggers I came across online. And are so different from one another that their blogs take me from one pole to another. So meet these awesome duo :-

Eddie Bluelights, well he is the person who can make you laugh and cry with equal ease through his posts. Thats not all he has the power to take Gordon Brown and Tony Blair head-on. Its not long when his post made Mr Brown, so annoyed that he wrote a personal letter to Eddie asking for clarification. Eddie made up for his mistake by adding few great pics of Brown.

And now meet Ishaan, for me he is Vinci of modern era. Like Vinci he uses brush to good effect, but there is a slight difference he uses brush from Acrobat Photoshop to come up with his master-pieces. He uses digital gadgets and softwares with such ease that your jaws drop the moment you open his blog.

From Active to Passive Income to Passive Entrepreneurship

Warren Buffett speaking to a group of students...Image via Wikipedia

Well good things first Financial Literacy, the blog in question, is best recommended to all, because its writer helps everyone no matter whether you are novice or expert in investment world. No he will not become your personal consultant but will go a step ahead and will help you with some secrets, tips that will make you earn from home easily. He too is new to this field but has vast knowledge (which you expect from someone whose parents have been well-to-do bankers).

But as I said good things first, now is the bad thing - he is not Warren Buffet yet, so his blog is not for Wall Street managers to exploit.
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Presenting you a new and innovative way to drive traffic to your site. Submit your blogs and sites here for free no catches whatsoever. If even after submitting your sites to Google,Yahoo and millions of other search engines have not helped you.Try your luck here may be it can do the trick for you. You all want to earn online through Adsense and other alternative programs but you have to drive traffic to your site to earn more and get better ranking. So here is my free offer for you to try.

Earn Online for Free
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An Apology From Kim

I am extremely sorry for not updating my blog from ' 27th March'. But for my freaky accident, I wouldn't have given you any reason to complain. With a fractured legs and bandaged hands I hardly got to touch my PC, leave alone writing a review.
Still with one movable hand I am back to get rid of boredom (that had just stressed me further) and to try to get things back in place like they were before "My Highway to Hospital Bed".

I thank all of you who submitted your blogs during this time and I humble request you to please bear with me. I will gradually try to go through as many blogs as possible and review them. Lastly my Doc says I will be back to my feet within a month or two (well is he a doc or an astrologer ? Take your pick ).

Your online friend Kim

Due to long drawn recovery process and studies I wasn't able to devote much time to reviewing blogs. Sorry for it, may I request you to rather submit your blog to Free Advertising website which I made keep in mind that its a sort of semi-automatic and would require less time from me. Thanks Kim