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I wouldn't like to get into debate whether a personal blog should have ads or not, because in a way I too am 'guilty' of having ads (a lot of them). Also I feel its the matter of personal choice.

Coming back to "Alone in the home" its a personal blog with ads (fewer than mine, lol ). One thing that struck me first-up when I started going through the posts was the way blogger was effortlessly sort of conversing with his readers. And better still he is getting responses (comments) from them. I too try to the same but what I get is a thanks, or two as comment. I agree mine is not really meant for discussion but still...

I can just envy such great bloggers, and praise his true followers. He writes about everything and anything in his unique way. One more fact which I appreciated about the blogger was the way he has been able to manage studies and blogging. I have been trying to manage these two for a month with disastrous results ( my grades are steady but enjoyment of blogging is getting hit).

Lastly I would like to say if you are a follower or going to be follower of please tickle down some comments to my blog as well once in a while. Best of wishes "alone" keep it up, so that I can envy you for the rest of my life. Also I am categorizing your blog in "Adventure" because it was an adventure for me to visit your blog.
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An Apology From Kim

I am extremely sorry for not updating my blog from ' 27th March'. But for my freaky accident, I wouldn't have given you any reason to complain. With a fractured legs and bandaged hands I hardly got to touch my PC, leave alone writing a review.
Still with one movable hand I am back to get rid of boredom (that had just stressed me further) and to try to get things back in place like they were before "My Highway to Hospital Bed".

I thank all of you who submitted your blogs during this time and I humble request you to please bear with me. I will gradually try to go through as many blogs as possible and review them. Lastly my Doc says I will be back to my feet within a month or two (well is he a doc or an astrologer ? Take your pick ).

Your online friend Kim

Due to long drawn recovery process and studies I wasn't able to devote much time to reviewing blogs. Sorry for it, may I request you to rather submit your blog to Free Advertising website which I made keep in mind that its a sort of semi-automatic and would require less time from me. Thanks Kim