Free Flash Games: Play Online

Enough of serious blogging now is the time for to play some action packed Free Online Games at Aaron's Game Zone. Ever since this link was left on my page I have been hooked to "Double Wires" one of the many Free Online Flash Games available on Aaron's Game Site.

I hope you all too enjoy this 15 year New Zealander's first website.
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Free Portable Softwares- Full version

"A portable application is a program that operates from a removable storage device such as a CD-ROM, US flash drive, flash card, or floppy disk. Mobile Lapps should not be confused with software where the software allows the portability of the source code to compile for different platforms."

This is the technical part I thought I had to add so that you all too don't get confused by the word 'portable' ( I admit I rather got confused). After understanding the meaning of portable software I decided to choose which one will suit my needs? But this was easier said, than done.

While going through PRO-DZ, I faced a problem of plenty because its blogger has reviewed so many free portable softwares that I wasn't able to decide which one I " shouldn't " download ? Such is the collection of softwares you can expect from PRO-DZ.
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Latest news on Black Celebrities, Yoruba Celebrities, Celebrity Gossip, black celebrities fashion and hairstyles...

After my last review on Yoruba movie stars, I got to know a lot more about famous Yoruba film stars and other famous Black Celebrities, from Black Celebrity Blog.

Black, white, brown celebs inspire everyone in one way or other, the way they dress up, their dating gossips spices-up our routines. This is one of the foremost reasons why I enjoy when celeb-related blog is submitted on my blog.

So lets give you a sneek peek of what to expect from the blog- Black Celebrity :-

Top Nigerian Stars profile & interviews, Keri Hilson's New Album, Agbani Darego, Akon, Ashley Tisdale, Bahia Akerele, Banky, Beyonce Knowles, Black Eyed Peas, Celebrity Rumors, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, D'banj, Dj Zeez, Femi Emiola, Fergie, Funke Aindele, Funmi Iyanda, Halle Berry, Kanye West, Keri Hilson, Lagbaja, Lil Kim, Micheal Jackson,Muma Gee, Nick Cannon, Oluchi, Oscar De La Hoya, P-Square, Philantropy in Africa, Rihanna,Sharon Perlinger,Star Quest, Tribe X Ent,Tu Face Idibia,Victoria Beckham, Wande Coal.

Aah! list goes on increasing by the day, so why don't you guys give me a break and take a look at the blogsite yourself.
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Control Anger ? Not really required!!!!!!

I don't know how many of you keep searching for ways of controlling your anger, but I know for sure there few people who just like to make you angry. They derive fun, seeing you angry! Earlier I used to hate such people but not anymore. Why?

Well, in a way you can say that I have joined them, don't take me wrong but you see I had no choice. anger management services are not welcome…

Got some hint, yes this is the blog where you can't hold your laughter seeing people go angry. But, after all laughter, you do pray not to make someone so angry that anger management services come into play.

Here is site dedicated to angry people!

Is Your Over Possessiveness Killing Your Relationship?
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Michael Cammack : Close is not a Four Letter word!

I would like to introduce Michael with his words - We’ve all said hundreds of times, “If only I knew THEN, what I know NOW!“ I am more and more finding myself wondering if the phrase should be, “If only I knew NOW, what I knew THEN!”

Aren't they inspiring and thought provoking words. You can expect these and other great things in his upcoming book Close is not a Four Letter word!

Sorry I haven't told you who Michael is and what his area of expertise is ? He is a Sales Industry Genius, who is soon going to be known as "Sales Guru" after the success (mark my words) of his upcoming book.

He blogs on various topics including… attitude, selling skills, relationships, challenges, and so forth…all towards the goal of ”Perfecting the Sales Mindset.”

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Ways To Make Money in Forex Trading

Need help in how to get started in online currency trading ( Forex trading) ? Let me show you a small trailer.

"It is not enough to possess knowledge of the trading marketplace and analytic ability, for success in Forex trading. A forextrading, vital ingredient for successful foreign currency trading, is the guts to take a financial risk with your hard-earned investment capital. You must conquer fear in order to achieve your financial goals."

To read the complete article and more information on Forex Day Trading Strategies for Success! and How To Get Started In FOREX Trading ? Just Click
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Photo Blog of Alex Centrella

A brilliant Photography Blog of Alex Centrella has pictures which will make to stand up and admire. What else can be expected from a person, who has been a commercial and journalistic photographer for 35 years ?

With all his experience and visits to great variety of places he has just started to share some pics of his exquisite collection on his blog.
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Worldwide Bible Exposition

"Salvation comes from God, whom the Bible calls as the Living God and Savior. God is employing a human being in order for His will to be fulfilled ... and that is the salvation of man."

Sorry, I find religious blogs hard to review, I can't say anything which befits Bible, so I just added it for you all to refer.

Worldwide Bible Exposition
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Express Yourself: Footknote | Share your ideas, websites, ramblings, thoughts, images

Free advertising, sharing or even spamming about a blog or site makes every web publisher happy. Because thats the only way we feel that we can increase the traffic and attract unique visitors to our respective websites. Many of us spam forums, news sites and any other place we can find to squeeze in our site's url. No, I am not blaming any of you, infact I too have been guilty of same offense a number of times.

On the other hand regular web users want others to understand what they feel about topics near to their heart. They too keep on searching for a place where express themselves, their thoughts. ideas and discuss about issues.

So you see in away every person using web wants to share something or other with fellow users, and they constantly search for place where they can do so freely. I present you a place where you can advertise your site for free and at the same time enjoy a great social networking. Go ahead express yourself with the world with authority.

Welcome to footknote - What you thinking? the easiest fun way to share things with the world! Share your thoughts, ramblings, websites, images and much more. Express yourself!

Its the latest networking site with a potential to become the best. Go ahead become its part.

Swine Flu Update to Australia's Forest Fire: Natural Disasters

From what is Swine flue, what is its cause to latest updates about its spread across nations, and lot more about various Natural Disasters.

Once in a while each person, country has to face the fury of nature, which takes a high toll on human life in many ways than one. No matter how advanced our science and technology advances we are still at times left at the mercy of nature. Sometimes our activities are responsible for this nature's fury and other times its just ........................... (even science has no answers to many questions yet).

Now that Swine Flue is spreading across continents we, common man, have again be left as helpless by-standers, awaiting for some divine intervention.

For more information on various natural disasters to have affected our lives please visit :- Natural Disasters
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Medical Equipments at Affordable Prices

Are searching for some really state-of-art medical equipments to buy at affordable prices than I am sure your search has come to end.

Medical Care Tools
:- Medical Equipments, Health and Personal Care Products at discounted price.
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Quality WebHosting, Robots : Everything about Technology

Technology- technology everywhere, who made software and hardware ? No, I am not cursing technology but I am just thinking an often cliche` thing living life without technology. Not possible by any stretch for me. Having already spent a month without my computer, made me feel so useless that I shudder to think living without mobile, TV, etc.

Enough of living in dreams, now I have a tough task to review Technology site, yet again. Now even I feel ashamed to say that whatever I read and noticed on this site was unique, but I have no other words to convey this fact.

How is it that all the technology sites and blogs have unique content and something which just takes you in fantasy land full of gadgets ? So whether its Quality Webhosting service, Task Manager, Robots or just a small looking usb drive, everything has something new to offer.

Everything Is Technology
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Shoes And Life Lessons

I request all my followers and readers to just take a little time from their precious online activities and visit this blog, and you will not regret it. Shoes and Life Lessons

I am extremely annoyed at myself that I took such a long time to review this blog (it was submitted on 2nd May and today is 22nd). But now that I have read this blog I am feeling rather ashamed because I don't have words to do justice to this rather personal take on one's own life. BRILLIANT, may be its not a correct word, how about FANTASTIC ?

As I have mentioned its a personal blog, and as you go through the posts you instantly connect with "not so graceful person". She has done something I thought was impossible to achieve, connecting her shoe shopping experiences with life lessons you can learn from them.

No, I can't really do justice to her and her style of writing, I feel I am too inferior blogger to write review on this blog. Just see the way she has connected seemingly on-off incidents and talked of lessons she and we can learn from them.

Finally a little advice read the first post first (that is from down).
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How to Blog successfully ? Installation, SEO, Monetisation and Hosting

Starting a blog is easy and but earning from it is difficult. Thus tasting success in blogging requires a lot of hard work and guidance from some successful bloggers.

I too have been blogging for some time now but still I feel that I need to learn a lot about blogging. One day I just got to a site called "Blog Installation Service" while searching for Blog Traffic Generating Tips. I just read the post and liked it a lot, but I had few doubts so I asked its Admin to help, and he promptly answered my query and cleared my doubts beautifully and with patience.

On further browsing his site I found that he provides Blog Installation Service to newbies and seasoned bloggers at affordable cost (I really mean it). But being a helpful person, that he is, even after installation of your blog he will extend his services to make sure your blog is better equiped in every manner (SEO,et al).

So just go ahead Get Your Blog Installed and earn from it.

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Free Past Exam Papers | Past Exam Papers | Tips to Improve memory

Memory Tricks, ways to improve memory and past exam papers are the only things which comes to student's mind while preparing for exams.

Being the student myself I too just grabbed the url of this blog to learn about the ways which will help me score more in my next exams (they are a good 5-months away). Well, I was not disappointed.

On the said site you will find comparison reports conducted on various exam takers, which help students understand things which go a long way securing good grades. Some very educative videos to improve memory, and lot more.

All and all a blog for all students to visit and follow.
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Office Jokes | Office Humour | Workplace Gossips

Workplace (office) jokes and incidents just take away the boredom out of 8 to 5 job, and in a way makes one enjoy working with colleagues. Yes, work can just take its toll on one's health (physical, as well as mental), but I feel I have a solution to your need to lighten-up the mood.

If you like white guy rap battles, pet groundhogs, fart crop dusting and passive aggressive techniques? Then check this out. My pet groundhog

As for its blogger he too has a rather intriguing description for himself : This is Guy's world. I don't take any crap and I like to finish other people's sentences.

Enjoy some really great Office time jokes and funny posts.
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Funny to Bizarre News: Amazing Stuff From Around the world

Whether news is funny or bizzare, Believe or not stuff makes very interesting read for everyone. Who doesn't like to listen about bizarre or funny headlines grabbing eyeballs around the world ? Here I would like to share with you a site where you will get news which you will believe but with a tinge of salt.

Most Gila: Site based from news, story, and magazine. About science, joke and Education.

I have nothing to add, infact I am rather in a state of bewilderment after reading the posts on this blog.
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Security Gates: And other Security Solutions

Secure your home with security products like security gates, security window grills, wireless security cameras. Nothing much to review.

Xpanda Security Products
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Google Adsense: How to earn from blog?

Google Adsense is by far the highest paying CPC, CPM program. Its alternatives are not as much high paying and at the same time do not deliver the contextual ads everytime. I have been using Adbrite, as my blog was rejected by Google many times and I feel its the best alternative to Google at present.

I know many of you may wonder how can I tell you how to earn through adsense while I use Adbrite? Well I am not going to tell you how to do it and woud rather let Master take the centre stage.

All Rise to the Master Google Adsense Blogger WILLIAM.

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What a Man Wants : Men World

What a man wants in a relationship? What a woman wants in a relationship? Frankly I am bored of these types of sites they get a bit serious at times, and so I was a bit sceptical before visiting this site "Men needs Solved".

This blog is nothing like what we expect from a blog so named. It really is " a funny insight to a man's mind and life" as proclaimed by William, its blogger. Of all the posts some were really funny especially the ones like " Solve Boredom" and "Are men better then women ?".

Hey this blog is not for sexists, but a good light take on what man feel and a good office time read for all (whether you are man or woman) .

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Pets Pictures, Videos, and jewelry : Pets World

Cover of "Cats and Dogs (Best Book of)"

Wow! was the first word which came from my mouth when I first visited this Pets World. Beautiful pictures of Cats and dogs where waiting for me along with some exotic Handcrafted Jewelry designed by its blogger, Melissa (10% of all proceeds from her etsy shop go to the Humane Society).

I know many of you would laugh if someone says he/she designs products for pets, so if thats the case i advice you to just visualize your pets in these beautiful accessories. I am sure you will be thrilled by the vision and would want to buy them all.

Melissa's Blog : Creating For Animals
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Make Money Online : Free

First of all no investment from your side is required to earn through all these options though learning how to earn online requires a great deal of patience.

Having reviewed many such sites which help you earn online has made me better aware about how make a decent sum online. So reviewing this site was like a déjà vu for me.

Check out- Free Online Cash for You

One thing I would like to share with all of you that I have experienced is "Affliate marketing can increase your earning. otherwise its pretty tough going. "

Best of Luck Happy Earning
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Indian Stock Markets : BSE & NSE Tips and Trends

Its all about 31 Stock Market Trading Tips and the trends its following.
Again a country specific site, only for Indians and others interested in Indian Stock markets can refer this site.

Why Indian weathermen shouldn't be blamed for incorrect predictions? And its effect on Stocks and commodities 

The Bombay Stock Exchange in India.
Add caption
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Tips to improve the speed of computer: Windows Registry tricks

Looking for software to speed-up your computer ? No need just read this.

Computer has become an integral part of our life and if slows down due to viruses or any other glitch, life seems to come to stand-still. I have experienced this a lot and let me tell you no matter how many softwares / programs you use they fall below expectations.

See, I am not going to fool you because I know how bad one feels when he visits a site in order to find solution to his computer-related problem and is asked to spend dollars for a filthy software. I have gone through such experiences and I feel if someone really wants to help you in such situation he will tell you how to tweak your computer without any additional resources?

Here I feel this wonderful site about Windows Registry Tips and tricks
and you will get solution to all your computer needs and will not feel betrayed. Best thing is you don't need to download any additional software, just tweak your Windows registry a bit.
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WaltSense: Humour at its best

These are great times for me, I am getting to review a lot of funny sites (and I am not complaining). WaltSense is the second consecutive Humour site I am reviewing and I am glad that there is hardly any similarities in them, except that both of these sites can liven the atmosphere and help beat stress.

WaltSense is the site which you can just open everyday at work and just forget why boss shouted at you, and cheer up your spirits. No, I don't mean its all about work-time jokes, but there is more to every article which just asks you to sit-back on your seat and enjoy browsing the whole site.
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Jokes, Funny videos, Flash Games, etc : All-in-one

"Laughter is the best medicine" so goes the proverb. But where do you get this medicine? Certainly not at any medicine shop, otherwise I would have been very happy with so many medicines taken by me last month (not to mention number of Chemist shops called) .

Finally I got this " omnipotent" medicine after I started blogging again and irony of Irony is that this blog was submitted on April 6th, the day i was crying in pain in my hospital bed.

Lets leave this sad part away and I will not spoil you mood and just give you the site where you will have your daily dose of this great medicine. <=Click Here but please don't forget my blog. Smile Please :) Click
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Mesothelioma Cancer : Effects, Symptoms and Treatment

Mesothelioma is a form of cancer that is almost always caused by exposure to asbestos. Most people who develop mesothelioma have worked on jobs where they inhaled asbestos particles, or they have been exposed to asbestos dust and fiber in other ways. Washing the clothes of a family member who worked with asbestos can also put a person at risk for developing mesothelioma.

The symptoms of mesothelioma include shortness of breath due to pleural effusion (fluid between the lung and the chest wall) or chest wall pain, and general symptoms such as weight loss.

All information about this type of cancer is available at
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Presenting you a new and innovative way to drive traffic to your site. Submit your blogs and sites here for free no catches whatsoever. If even after submitting your sites to Google,Yahoo and millions of other search engines have not helped you.Try your luck here may be it can do the trick for you. You all want to earn online through Adsense and other alternative programs but you have to drive traffic to your site to earn more and get better ranking. So here is my free offer for you to try.

Earn Online for Free
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Submit Your Blog Here
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Join The Most Awarded Online Community

An Apology From Kim

I am extremely sorry for not updating my blog from ' 27th March'. But for my freaky accident, I wouldn't have given you any reason to complain. With a fractured legs and bandaged hands I hardly got to touch my PC, leave alone writing a review.
Still with one movable hand I am back to get rid of boredom (that had just stressed me further) and to try to get things back in place like they were before "My Highway to Hospital Bed".

I thank all of you who submitted your blogs during this time and I humble request you to please bear with me. I will gradually try to go through as many blogs as possible and review them. Lastly my Doc says I will be back to my feet within a month or two (well is he a doc or an astrologer ? Take your pick ).

Your online friend Kim

Due to long drawn recovery process and studies I wasn't able to devote much time to reviewing blogs. Sorry for it, may I request you to rather submit your blog to Free Advertising website which I made keep in mind that its a sort of semi-automatic and would require less time from me. Thanks Kim